Call for Papers

December 6-7, 2012
Escola de Ciências Sociais
Colégio do Espírito Santo
University of Évora, Portugal

You are cordially invited to submit an abstract to the international meeting on Languages, Applied Linguistics and Translation. This meeting aims at providing an overview of the current theory and practice, exploring new directions and emerging trends, sharing good practice, and exchanging information regarding foreign languages, applied linguistics and translation. The meeting is an excellent opportunity for the presentation of current or previous language learning and translation projects funded by the European Commission or by other sources.

Proposals are invited for one or more of the following topics, in any of the languages of the meeting:

·         Foreign language learning/second language acquisition
·         CLIL
·         CMC/ICT based language teaching and learning
·         Bilingualism/Multilingualism
·         Teaching languages to young learners
·         Languages in the academic, professional and scientific fields
·         Language planning and language policy
·         Discourse/textual analysis
·         Translation studies
·         Translation in FL/SL learning
·         Culture and language learning/translation
·         Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

The languages of the meeting are English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

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